Interview on How to pop a pimple

As a follow up on my other interview with the online magazine BYAS, I was asked to comment on the correct way to pop a pimple. This is somewhat of a popular topic nowadays, go figure.  

There are a few things you should try to do, and not to do in order to limit subcutaneous damage to surrounding tissues and preventing spread of infection. 

  1. Make sure your pimple is "ripe" before popping. Meaning, look for a white or yellow top. 
  2. Clean face and hands before commencing.
  3. Warm the area of the pimple with a warm/hot moist cloth or cotton pad, leave on for a couple of minutes. This ensures that the pore will open maximally before you attempt to pop. You may also do this after a bath, shower or steam sauna session. 
  4. Don't use your finger nails. This can cause tissue damage and scarring of the surrounding tissue. Instead, use two cotton pads, or facial wipes of your choice. 
  5. When the deed is done, swipe the area with an antibacterial and pore closing toner, preferably one that contains Salicylic acid. This prevents infection, scarring and limits the recurrence of a pimple. 

There you have it! My 5 tips to make pimple popping easier and more skin-safe.