Dr.K Academy: Specialist Cheek Course and Review of Treatment

Dr.K himself, ready to teach his eager students. 

On Tuesday I participated in Dr.K's specialist cheek course, and as Dr.K is also my fiancé I did my part as a good wifey and sat as a model for the other delegates to practice on. Hadde has fast become the best in his field here in Stockholm, if not in the whole of Sweden. In addition to treating clients on a daily basis through Dr. K clinics, where a new walk in clinic is in the making as we speak, he also runs Dr.K academy where he teaches a number of basic and advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine. 

Without going to much into detail about the course, cheek agumentation is not something a lot of us think about doing but maybe more of us should. When performed correctly and with the right material it can massively correct ageing features such as a saggy mid face, nasolabial folds- the lines between your nose and corner of mouth, as well as slimming a round face, and correcting maskuline features in women. 

Here I am before having the treatment, looking more nervous than I actually was.

I perform this treatment at the BeWell clinic for both preventative reasons on my younger patients and for anti ageing purposes on my more mature patients. Genetically I was "blessed" with my daddy's big cheeks, which might be cute for a while, but as ageing evolves will lead to saggy cheeks and an accumulation of volume in the lower face (think sad bulldog). Cheek agumentation is a great way to limit this process, and so I am actually a good candidate for the procedure. 

You can see my cheeks are quite heavy and the start of volume displacement at my jaw line. The cheek treatment is a great way to achieve a tiny facelift, and can give dramatic results in older patients with lots of volume displacement.

The delegates were dentists and already performing botox and filler treatments, so I felt well taken care of. 

After! My jawline is more defined, and my cheeks are lifted including minimal swelling of the treated area. 

Getting this treatment done by someone who knows what they are doing is key. The delegates had great talent, and Hadde was right there next to them all along giving instructions.

The cheek treatment is customised according to age, need and anatomy of the specific patient. Book a consultation with Dr.K in Stockholm here, or with me in Norway, here