Favorite Exfoliators

I recommend exfoliating regularly, ingredient and type of product depends on your specific skin type, and skin need. I love retinol as a general night time treatment due to it's anti-ageing benefits, but these are my other 3 favourites at the moment. 

Benefits of exfoliation:

  1. Sloughs of dead skin, and reveals a brighter smoother complexion.
  2. Depending on the ingredient, induces collagen formation and reduces wrinkles.
  3. Removes dry spots, pigmentation spots, and solar damage.
  4. Reduces breakouts and prevents clogged pores. 
  5. Reduces pore size with regular use. 
  6. Improves penetration and effect of other skincare products.
  7. Increases cell turnover, and promotes healthy young looking skin. 

The effects are many, and the list is long, but the above mentioned ones are the most common, and most visible. I recommend regular exfoliation through your skincare at home, but if you have particularly pigmented, rough or wrinkled skin with solar damage a medical peel might be a good way to remove the first layer of damaged skin, and so give yourself a "clean canvas" to work on further at home. I perform the white box treatment, and the Unideep peel at the BeWell clinic.

The SKIN REGIMEN NIGHT RENEWER is an exfoliating mask that was my absolute favourite product of all the products I tested during the Stella Magazine beauty awards 2015, and it won as best product of the year.


The glotherapeutics 15% glycolic cream is my newest glycolic product, given to me to try out. I'll review the whole range soon. 

The last product is a new favourite of mine, I absolutely love the iS-clinical Active serum. It is one of the best products I have tested to this date, and will for sure be on my favourite products page, when I manage to put one up.