No makeup travel face

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone approx. 5 min after waking. Excuse my hair and cracked lip!

I'm off to Norway and the BeWell clinic again for another weekend event. I prefer travelling sans makeup when I can, and with a whole lot of moisturising products on, often a moisturising mask, or a thick balm like cream, followed by a physical UV shield, such as SkinCeuticals mineral radiance SPF 50. This protects my skin from the dry airplane environment and the super high UV radiation leves found up there. As I am writing this I am sitting in Arlanda airport eating crayfish soup with this face. Today I used a Kristin Florian serum, will come back with a review when it's empty, and the Carita Paris PROGRESSIF LIFT-FERMETE cream which makes me feel very indulgent and perfectly moisturised. A review is on the way. For more on in flight skincare look here

I am looking forward to 2 full days of aesthetic treatments at the clinic, and quality time with my daddy. Hope you're all having a beautiful week!