Pre-Christmas gift tip

Hello everyone! I had my last day for this time at the clinic yesterday, and found a few minutes time in-between patients to buy these treats form MakeupArt. MakeupArt is a beauty store, salon an affiliate of the BeWell clinic. I've been wanting one of these Babor calendars since I first saw them, a proper grown woman's pre-christmas treat, and I'm all about that, Christmas and treats that is. Everyday through December I'll be getting a Babor ampulle of active serum, so I'm hoping my skin will feel mighty fine and moisturised come Christmas day. 

I picked up one for myself and one for my mother in law, as well as a lavender and mint scented massage candle from Babor. I love everything lavender, and when it comes in a multipurpose product like this I had to have it. 

Today I'm hitting town with my dad, and tonight we're doing sushi and the movies. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!