Interview in KK: Lip fillers - 3 things you need to know.

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As a cosmetic doctor, a large part of my practice is concerned with soft surgery and facial rejuvenation through injectables, i.e fillers and botox. I was asked to comment on the safety issue of these treatments in KK - a Norwegian magazine. If you are a Norwegian reader you can find the link to the full article here. Unfortunately there are many cases of treatments ending badly, either because of bad technique by uncertified personnel, or by the use of low quality or even illegal materials.

What you need to know:

  1. Check the material. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin. Therefore it is extremely rare to have an allergic reaction to a pure hyaluronic acid filler. If the filler is from an animal source, or mixed with other components, allergies may occur. Therefore check what type of material is used. I use Revanesse, a new and improved, third generation cross-linked filler from Canada.
  2. Check the practicioner. Unfortunately there are many cases where patients of mine or my fiance dr. K have had treatments done elsewhere, and they come to us for correction after the treatments have gone wrong. Sometimes this is hard to correct as we don`t know what material was used, or because of encapsulations. For Hyaluronic acid fillers I use Hyalase to break down the material, often over a course of 1-3 treatments. Also go to someone that fits your beauty ideal, I always strive for the most natural result possible, and use specific techniques to achieve this.
  3. Check the price-tag. Good quality materials are generally expensive, and are seldomly under 1200kr or 100 pounds to buy in, so if you see treatments being performed for around this price, most definitely there`s a catch, and you don`t want to be on the receiving end.

When used correctly fillers correct and prevent volume loss and deep wrinkles throughout the face and lips. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to stimulate collagen formation, and so performing treatments regularly can in time prevent sagging and volume loss in areas of the face. 

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