Interview in KK: Milia


During my GP rotation one of my patients came to me with this complaint, namely small white bumps around her eyes that seemed to pop out of nowhere. asked me about these irritating little things a few weeks ago, and if you`re a Norwegian reader you can get the full interview here.

In short, milia are small keratin (protein/dead skin cells) filled cysts that are most often seen in children, but can occur at any age. They are not pimples, and do not contain puss or infection that needs to be drained, and so you should leave them alone until they have dissapeard by themselves, or see an aesthetician or dermatologist for surgical removal with a neddle to hurry things up. Exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid will help the process, but should only be used in areas further from the eye. Skin conditions that interfere with the shedding of dead skin, like dry skin, eczema but also comedogenic skincare can be responsible for the appareance of milia.

Hope you`re all having a great day! I`ve had my last day at the clinic, and soon I`m off back to Stockholm and all that waits there.