glo-therapeutics glycolic acid range - Review

Hello everyone! Hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and NY holiday. Here's a long overdue review of the glo-therapeutics glycolic range. I mentioned the the cream earlier in my favourite exfoliator post.

Glycolic acid is an AHA acid (alpha hydroxy acid) that not only exfoliates skin and thus prevents dull skin, acne breakouts, pigmentation spots and scarring, but it also has the ability to increase collagen formation, and so is a great anti-ageing ingredient, especially for 20-35 year olds. It is often found in exfoliating masks, peel pads and cleansing products. I recommend creams of 10% for maximum anti-ageing benefits, but 5% is a good start. Glycolic acid is not recommended for sensitive or easily irritated skin.

The 3 products are supposed to be used together, cleanser, toner and cream in the end. I like the products by them selves, but when used together as per description form the manufacturer, I ended up with a puffy, rough and bumpy face - all symptoms of over exfoliation, which took weeks to heal. The fact is, theres too much acid in each product for them to be combined. I recommend using only 1 product at a time with glycolic acid concentrations above 5%, and these 10% + 7% + 15% just became way too much in the end. 

The cream is my favourite out of the 3. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea and almond oil to help combat the irritating side effects of the acid. Actually all 3 products contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, but not enough to combat the high acid content. I still use all products, but never together. 


  1. Contains high concentrations of glycolic acid.
  2. Formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  3. Pump bottle that is air tight and hygienic. 


  1. Too high concentrations of acid when combined.
  2.  I ended up with severe symptoms of over-exfoliation that took time to heal and that could have severely injured my skincare barrier.
  3. Can only use one product at a time. 
  4. For normal, mixed to oily skin types only.