Interview in How often should you moisturise?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to contribute to an article in KK on moisturising, more specifically - how often you should do it. This is a very hot topic now during the cold winter months when skin tends to turn dry, and lighter lotions might need to be changed out for heavier creams and balms. For Norwegian readers, you can read the full article here.  

Shortly summarised, almost everyone will need to amp up their moisturising routine during winter. Depending on your skin type, you might want to invest in an oil-based serum, or at least something containing more moisture. Day creams should also include more fat than before, look for ceramides, and lipids, and look for one with incorporated SPF. 

Your body will also need more moisturising ingredients, I recommend a body oil on wet skin after a shower, followed by a thicker body butter or lotion to seal inn all the goodness. For the face, moisturising morning and evening will suffice, and for body, moisturising should follow showering or bathing as these tend to strip the skin of its natural oils. 

I feel like I should follow this with a more in depth post on dry skin, what do you think?