Vintage leather camera strap

So as a beauty blogger, I finally took the step and got a proper blogging camera. After weeks of research my choice fell on this Olympus-omd-em10-mark2, mostly because of its super easy to remember and short name (honestly, whats up with that name?). Nor did I choose it for its  vintage look (which I love), but mostly because of the raving reviews all of the internet. Also it is little and handy, and therefore much easier to transport. It came with a rather ugly, and modern strap, so when I found this vintage leather strap on eBay I was over the moon! They look so good together! Now the camera with the strap is more an accessory than a tool, and I'm very happy wearing them around my neck, or over my shoulder with any chic outfit. 

Have you tried the Olympus mod-em10-mark2? What's your opinion?