Babor Christmas calendar: Lift Express Fluid Review.

I tried the Lift Express Fluid today, and I'm very impressed! It is a thick, opaque fluid that feels a little gel like when applied to the skin, but absorbs very fast. 

Main active ingredients include glycerine which is the hero moisturising ingredient, together with Aloe Vera, which is also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. Other interesting anti-inflammatory ingredients are Sambucus Nigra flower extract (black elder), Terminalia catappa extract (indian almond), and Chindrus Crispus extract (irish moss).

Somewhat unusual ingredients, but they are all botanical and contain powerful antioxidants. The Black elder contains vitamin C among other antioxidants, and has been associated to reduce puffiness in skin, and skin conditions such as eczema. Vitamin C is also necessary for proper collagen production.

The indian almond is skin conditioning, and contains flavonoids that might prevent cancer, while the Irish moss has UV protective abilities. 

I love the active botanicals in this ampulle, and I think I have a new favourite! 

Ok, that was it for now, have to get back to baking, and wrapping. Tomorrow is the big day!