Younger Skin in 28 Days - Book Review

Hello everyone, I'm back from my Christmas coma. It was spent with family at home in Stockholm, and yes the Norwegian pinnekjøtt was a big hit. I also managed to finish this book I've been reading called Younger Skin in 28 Days, by nutritionist Karen Fischer.  

I love the topic of diet and skin, and I know from own experience and from treating patients that diet is a crucial part of healthy, and beautiful skin. That is also why I talk a lot about it in my own skin book, Frisk Hud

What I like about the book is Fischer's well researched arguments for why to include certain food groups, and why not to include others. She lets you know exactly which foods to eat more of and, which to avoid completely for the 28 day program. Also, there are interactive quizzes that are both fun and a little time consuming to do. I also appreciate the full 28 day meal plan in the end. The best part of the whole book is her diagram of how many AGE's certain foods produce, I love that! Remember my rant on AGE's in my sugar post


What I don't like is the somewhat boring writing style, but then again she's not trying to entertain, but inform. And although the front page is very bright and colourful, the inside is not, and the grey and black writing on crammed up pages gets a little tiring after a while. 

All in all it's a good book, worthy of reading, and I will follow up later on when I've completed the 28 day diet.