Top Skin Care trends in 2015 and my predictions for 2016

Now that I've summarised my own year, why not have a look at the trends of skincare in the year passed? Following are the main trends I've noticed this year, and my thoughts around wether or not they will continue into the new year.  

1. Niche cosmetics was huge in 2015, a trend that I'm sure will continue way into 2016 and beyond. The world is becoming more niched on a whole, niche clothing brands, hipster personalities, 50's inspired workout gyms, you name it, we have it, or it's being developed as we speak. Organic and natural skincare was one big niche, that has become a sought after skin care category, I do however have a feeling that the green- eco-wave is flattening out come 2016, at least in certain parts of the population. Measurable effectivity is becoming a priority, so is innovation. 

2. Asiafication of cosmetics. Asia, for the last 2 decades or so have been on the forefront when it comes to technological innovation, and this is also true for biotechnological developments used in the beauty industry. According to Euromonitor International: "South Korea is increasingly regarded as the holy ground of skincare innovation", and I really should do a whole post, or even several post on only this subject. 

3. Cruelty free cosmetics has for at least the last 3-4 years been on the rise. We as consumers find it increasingly hard to justify testing of cosmetics and ingredients on animals. In 2015 India banned import of animal tested cosmetics, and China stopped previously mandatory testing on locally produced cosmetics. 

4. Technology and diagnostics have been big in 2015, everywhere you turn, there seems to be new skincare devices, from face brushes to electronic facemasks and hair removal tools. Diagnostics like DNA testing to accurately determine skin type and need (completely unnecessary and a little ridiculous if you ask me) was one trend, that seems to have faded out, imaging machines and scans such as the VISIA machine have though become a regular inventory in most clinics in 2015. 

5. Oils. Oils as in serums, oil cleansers, oil balms and the likes were huge in 2015. Oils that are meant as a step in a regular regimen, or oils that can be incorporated into other products will be a trend that will follow into 2016.