True organic of Sweden: All you need is me - Review.

One of Hadde's patients brought me this sample the other day, apparently this little tube from True organic of Sweden houses a natural and organic alternative to Elisabeth Arden's 8h cream and the french cult classic Homeoplasmine, which I've reviewed earlier. 

It only contains 6 ingredients, and is 95% organic. Even the tube its in is natural and made of sugarcanes. Like Elisabeth Arden's 8h cream its a multipurpose balm that can be used on dry skin, lips, and wounds alike. 

The ingredients are Ricin oil (also known as castor oil), Beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E and blueberry seed oil.

The castor oil is an ancient ingredient used in skincare since forever, although I could find very little research on pubmed regarding this ingredient. Non the less there a many who swear to it for everything from an upset stomach, ringworm and sunburns to acne, but its mostly known for it's skin conditioning abilities. Beeswax is a natural moisturiser, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Shea butter is moisturising and protective as well as full of natural vitamins that aid skin health. Olive oil, vitamin E and blueberry seed oil all have potent antioxidant abilities. Olive oil and Vitamin E will also moisturise and protect. 

The product it self is easily pressed out of the tube it comes in, softer than Homeoplasmine. I love the 15ml tube I got as it's handy to carry around in even the smallest purse.

On lips it leaves a natural gloss effect, which I like, and on skin it leaves a  a proper sheen, and so its better suited as a spot treatment, but of course on very dry skin or bigger eczematous eruptions that won't matter. After around 5-10 min it stops being sticky and leaves soft supple skin behind - though still with a little sheen. I would however not recommend this be used in facial skin by acne sufferers due to the olive oil content, everyone else in need, get in there. 

Hope everyone is having a great 2nd Advent! Today I've completed another crossfit class, and I did so much better this time! I therefore feel entitled to celebrate with yummy Swedish safran buns in company of friends later on tonight.

How are you spending this cozy Sunday?