I'm following up on my favourite exfoliators post with the second of 3 reviews. As I mentioned earlier, the SKIN REGIMEN NIGHT RENEWER by Comfort Zone is my favourite exfoliator product to date, this and the iS clinical Active Serum.

This was my absolute favourite product out of all 500 + products I tested during the Stella Magazine beauty awards last year, mainly because I love love love a multipurpose product that can give both instant and long term results. 

The only negative, or I should say confusing thing is the name. It is called NIGHT RENEWER, but in reality its an exfoliating face mask. After thorough scrutiny of the ingredient list, I found it safe to sleep in, and so I've tested it as a night-time treatment as well, as the name implies. 

As a mask I leave it on for minimum 10 min before rinsing off with luke warm water and patting my face dry, then I follow with serum and moisturiser. There's no peeling or irritation when using this product and it can be used by most skin types, even sensitive I would say, but then only as a face mask. 

Ingredients & effects: The main ingredient is gluconolactone 10%, lactic acid 3% and glycolic acid 3%. Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid, which is a very special kind of acid that exfoliates, moisturises AND has antioxidant effects. One study showd that Gluconolactone could protect skin cells agains UV radiation damage by as much as 50%. This little ingredient is my main reason to rejoice. The lactic acid and glycolic acids are AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) that exfoliate, prevent hyper pigmentation and stimulate collagen formation (glycolic acid mainly). Not all acids work great together, but these do. The high gluconolactone content make this product great for even very dry skin types. 

Its a sticky, gel like cream that is best put on dry clean skin with the help of a spatula. It stays sticky for a while, so if you intend on using it at night, my tip to you is to put on earlier in the evening, and let it stay on a few hours before you go to bed. 

Regarding results it leaves your skin instantly refreshed and glowy without irritation or flakyness.