Babor Christmas calendar Dec 7th: Revitalising Oxygen Fluid

I'm a little late with my Babor Christmas calendar update, as I prioritised the SKIN REGIMEN NIGHT RENEWER yesterday. I'll follow with today's gift tomorrow. 

So yesterday I got this Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid ampulle, which is opaque and thicker in consistency than the other serums to date. It is meant to increase oxygen delivery to skin and give it a "rosy glow".

Ingredients and effects: It's main ingredient is PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, a derivative of coconut oil derived fatty acids. It serves to lubricate and and soften the skin, but is not an active ingredient. Thereafter it contains a number of nice ingredients including sunflower seed oil, panthenol, vitamin E, Vitamin A and Biotin. These all serve to moisturise, condition and reduce inflammation in skin by antioxidant activity.

This is less fluid than the other serums, and therefore a little easier to use. There's nothing in the mix to really increase circulation massively, and absolutely no encapsulated oxygen, not that you necessarily would want that..  But I did feel my face throuhouly moisturised and it did glow like from within all day. I think the cocktail of moisturising and conditioning ingredients such as panthenol and sunflower seed oil together with the vitamins made a great little glow cocktail in itself.