Babor Christmas calendar Dec 8th & 9th: Triple Booster Fluid

The Triple booster fluid is my latest Babor calendar gift. The name Triple Booster Fluid made me think of peptides, but this does not contain any of those, unfortunately. It does however contain plankton extract, and a high concentration of Betaine, and thats basically it regarding active ingredients. I couldn't find any reason for it to be called "triple". I found it less moisturising than the other ampulles so far, and is also maybe my least favourite. Lets see what tomorrow brings! I'm hoping for more of the Revitalising Oxygen Fluid

Tomorrow I'm writing a post on exfoliation, and how often you should do it, I've gotten a few questions about that lately. Hope everyone is having great day! Mine has been spent working in the clinic, after a long workout and sauna session at SATS Odenplan. Soon it's home to hubby and the sofa.