ROKcrush: Emilie Nicolas

This is a long overdue ROKcrush post! One of my friends turned me on to Emilie way back in the summer, and since then I've been able to see her live in concert and listen to the whole album repeatedly. Emilie a super talented Norwegian musician that has managed to make a completely new sound in a jungle of sound replicas. And I respect that so much.. She mixes electronica, with pop, but theres also a strong jazz influence there as well, which is perhaps why I'm so completely in love with her. Put jazz on anything, and I'm on it. It's a family trait. She even dresse like a raven on stage, my good luck charm. 

Me and my friend Line after Emilie Nicolas' concert in Stavanger a few moths back. 

Also listen to "who let you out", "grown up" and my favourite "nobody knows", this is also the jazziest.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend! Take some Emilie with you <3.