What I want for Christmas

Picture from theeyeoffaith.com

It's my favourite time of year again, kind of. I hate the winter, but oh how I love Christmas! I thought it might be time for a little christmas wish list. Following are my most wanted gifts this year. If you're someones wife, husbond or the equivalent, this might be a good place to get some inspiration, hinting specifically to Mr.ROKderm..

A romantic weekend getaway. I know this is one expensive gift, and I'm not expecting anyone except perhaps my hubby to give it to me, but my its the best! Who knows, I might give us this gift instead. We've done a couple of them now, and generally go for a spa break, but there are so many nicer hotels and guesthouses to try here in Sweden. I would love to celebrate Valentines day at Haringe slott, a castle and hotel that hosts weekend getaways for all occasions. 

Books. I am forever a bookworm and highest on my wish list right now is Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, The Sharafnama, Delivery Systems Handbook of personal care and cosmetic products, and GIRLBOSS. And may I add, I wrote my own skincare and beauty book, which in my opinion make a cracking christmas gift. The pictures of the books on the left are links to amazon for those of you that want to check them out. 

Scented Candles. I'm all into those lately. It might have something to do with nesting? As some of you might know, me and Hadde have bought our first piece of property and will be moving in in just 1 month! That means I can finally start decorating, and buying "stuff for the house" which I've been longing for. I really like the look of the Neom candles, and would love to try any one of them, but the candles that also function as a skin treatment are my favourites. I also love Woodwick candles, they make the crackling sound of a wood fire, and are ever so comforting. Check out Kaderqvist store at Arlanda next time you're out flying, they sell Woodwick candles among lots of other beautiful things. 

Linen bed sheets. A very grown up gift wish. Again, I must be nesting. I love the look of wrinkly, soft linen bed sheets and would love a set in grey tones, white or my favourite dirty pink colour. Absolutely love these from ellos.se.

Dates of any kind. I would be equally grateful for a concert ticket, an art show, or just a dinner date with a friend. I wouldn't mind getting invited to a day at the national museum getting lost in Rodin. I love giving away dates as well, that way I get to spend quality time with my friend or finance, while also doing something a little special that I wouldn't do by my self. This is also a great opportunity to buy a nice card, and write a few words for that special someone. 

Facial masks. I've become obsessed with facial masks, and I would love to try the glamglow mud facial mask and the very high end SK-II facial treatment mask. I think it has something to do with the instant effect they give (when they're good), and that you easily can incorporate them into your normal routine without having to change out any products. 

There are of course more stuff I could put down here, but "food processor" and "vacuum cleaner" are way too boring, and something I really should go buy myself.

What are you christmas cravings this year? Would love to hear your wishes too!