Aquaderma Age Defense Day cream - Review

Aquaderma is a relatively new Norwegian budget skincare brand that focuses on moisturising ingredients, and the protective properties of extract of fish roe. This extract has antiiflammatory, anti-ageing and moisturising properties through effects of peptides, oils and antioxidants found in it.This line focuses especially on clean formulation, so theres no silicones or mineral oils in there, and can be used by sensitive skin types.

I highly recommend this line for those of you in Norway looking for a inexpensive quality skincare because of the careful selection of ingredients, and focus on moisture and protection, much needed in this part of the world. The only minus I have is that none of the products contain SPF, and so I need to apply a layer of my SkinCeuticals Physical UV defence SPF 50 on top before I head out. 

Regarding usability this cream comes in an air and light tight pump bottle which is great regarding hygiene as well as increasing shelf life of the product.


The cream is a thick gel like consistency, and glides on the skin smoothly. It is absorbed relatively fast, but does leave a little sheen on the skin after. Can easily be combined with a facial oil for added moisture if needed or a lighter antioxidant serum. Great for dry skin ages 25+.