A very healthy lunch

I met my lovely friend Johanna for lunch today, and in the spirit of 2016 New Year resolutions, we decided to go to Kaffeverket here in Vasastan Stockholm. They serve tasty, yet guilt free meals. I went for the hot-smoked salmon salad and a matcha latte. I'll do a little post on the health benefits om Matcha on Saturday, it's a beautiful variant of green tea, that is extremely good for you and your skin. Johanna had the soup of the day with some sour dough sandwithches, another classic of this place. 

My salad was also packed with seeds, lentils spinach, and almonds - all superfoods for the skin! 

Kaffeverket is a great spot for cozy, healthy eating. They serve a variety of unhealthy, though delicious looking cakes too, but I'll save that experience for another time.

We spent our day strolling through this part of the city, Vasastan and Birkastan, which is also my part of the city now. Below you'll see a picture of the street our house is located on, or at the corner of. Such a cute area, Rödabergen. I feel at home all ready.