Beauty benefits of Matcha tea

On Thursday, I had my first Matcha latte, although I've been drinking this tea for many years. Matcha latte's are a new trend, and a cool twist on this traditional green tea. Of course I had mine with oat milk, rather than cow's milk. 

Matcha tea originated in Japan, and is said to be made by a monk in Kyoto. He ground the young tea-leaves into a fine powder and mixed this with warm water to make the first Matcha tea. Since then it has long been used in Japanese tea ceremonies, which are meant to be a sort of collective mindfullness event, where participants are encouraged to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, like the making of a perfect cup of tea. 

First things first, Matcha tea is green tea so it will bring about the same effects as you get from drinking regular green tea, but at a larger scale. For more on why green tea and other antioxidant rich foods are good for your skin, read here. 

Matcha tea is made up of the whole leaf so that you ingest all the goodness of the leaf. Matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants that regular green tea, according to

So to the science, what beauty benefits can drinking Matcha bring us? 

  1. It reduces photo damage and  photo-ageing by UV light, meaning it serves as a sort of internal SPF. It wards off inflammation after UV exposure, and protects the extracellular matrix from damage and degradation. I.e it will help you look younger for longer!
  2. It protects against skin cancer, much for the same reasons as mentioned above. It is also protective against a number of other cancers throughout the body. 
  3. It increases skin elasticity, and softness of skin in women, in addition to making it more resilient and smoother. 
  4. It increases microcirculation and oxygen delivery to the skin (same study as above), meaning it will help your skin glow! 
  5. It increases water content in skin, which means it will make it more hydratet, plump and young looking as all these things help smooth out superficial wrinkles. 

These are the 5  most researched and well know beauty benefits of drinking Matcha at the moment. 

My tips for drinking Matcha tea 

Go organic! You are drinking the whole leaf, so any pesticide residue will be fully ingested. Also, I like mixing it in green smoothies, to make them greener so to speak, and because green tea contains some caffeine, it makes me wake up a little, and gives me energy. I also liked the latte variant, which was very comforting and beautiful to look at, a great alternative to a regular cappuccino! 

What does it taste like? Like grass with a nutty finish, but you'll get used to it, and eventually come to love it. 

What's your best Matcha tip? Would love to hear your ideas!