I did it again, a.k.a Rolah's Vampire Diaries

Remember my Vampire facial last year, and my amazing results? I love and perform this treatment on my own patients regularly as it is one of my most popular treatments. The vampire facial, or PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, is a 100% natural way to regenerate skin and combat skin aging. It uses parts of your own blood to do this, and in a way it is an indirect stem-cell therapy. Last time I experienced improvements on all parameters on the VISIA analysis, including volume in cheeks, smaller pores, and improved skin texture. This time I had my fiance (dr.K) combine it with the dermapen treatment to increase effects.

The dermapen can be a stand alone treatment, or it can be combined with the Vampire facial for added skin tightening and correction of superficial flaws, such as: Scars, pore size, and pigment spots.

The treatment was a tad painful as you might see from my anguished face, haha, but It was over quickly, and totally worth it - no pain no gain! Also I was premenstrual, which all women know means highly wired pain-sensors. I couldn't take pictures while the treatment went on, but this is what I looked like immediately after.

How it works: Platelets from your own blood is activated before re-injected into areas of need. The activated platelets secrete growth factors involved in the healing processes of skin, and also activate sleeping progenitor cells to differentiate into new fibroblasts (skin cells) that produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and more, to restore a youthful appearance, or in my case - maintain one.

After, I looked as if I had been stung by a million bees, which isn't far from the truth. The swelling comes from both the dermapen, and the injections, plus material injected. The redness subsided within the next 5-6 hours, but I am left with some swelling and a few blue marks today, nothing too big.

This is what I look like today, just a tad beaten up, but not too bad. The bruising will last around a week. Remember never to take blood thinners, NSAIDs or fish oil tablets before needle treatments, this will leave you more prone to blue marks, and swelling. The Vampire facial takes a few weeks to months before effects can be seen, it is an organic treatment after all, and so results will vary according to age and lifestyle.

If you're interested to hear more about this treatment, please come see me at the BeWell clinic in Norway, or come talk to my fiance Hadde at the Dr.K clinic in Birkagatan 20. Stockholm.

Tomorrow we're off to Paris and the IMACS -Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Congress! I can't wait, this is a big world congress on everything aesthetic and cosmetic. There are a number of courses and talks I'm looking forward to seeing, and spending 4 days in Paris never hurt anyone either.

Have a great Tuesday evening one and all!