Raw Gaia by Jessica - Review



For the passed couple of weeks I've been testing out 3 products from Raw Gaia by Jessica, introduced to me by Naturboden.no. Naturboden.no focuses on selling only clean and organic products, and as of now they are the only ones carrying Raw Gaia in Norway.

Although I'm a doctor, I own both medical-strength cosmetics, as well as several natural and organic products. There is, as always - a time and place for everything, and I believe one category does not necessarily have to cancel out the other.

From this series I tested the MSM Beauty cream, the Raw Chocolate Face Pack, and the MSM beauty cleanser.

Before we go on to my user experience, I'd like to take a minute to talk about the main ingredient of the MSM series, namely: Methylsulfonylmethane. MSM is an organic sulfur compound, found in most vegetables, and some meet and dairy. It is becoming a popular supplement, and there are many articles on it's beauty effects online.

I also found some substantial research on this compound, and it appears it has a number of anti-inflammatory effects on human cells and signalling pathways. F.ex it has been used in treatment of arthritis as well as showed powerful anti-breast cancer effects, all of which are pretty awesome.

I also found a study in which MSM and Silymarin gave significant improvement of redness, itch, skin texture, hydration and skin coloration in patients suffering from Rosacea.

The anti-inflammatory effects of this magic ingredient seem to be endless, and I think we will see many more cosmetic products containing it in the future.

MSM Beauty Cleanser: This is an oil/gel type cleanser that can be used massaged into dry skin, or used with cotton pads as a cleansing solution. It removes all types of makeup, even mascara. I really enjoy an oil cleanse, but this was even better since it had a gel like component to it. It contains magic ingredient MSM of course, Aloe Vera, and a number of natural raw pressed oils such as jojoba, avocado, and argan oil, among many others.

Tip: Shake bottle well before use. I preferred using this massaged on dry skin, before removed with a damp warm cloth. Loved this!

MSM Beauty Cream: This was my favorite product of the 3. This is more a balm than a cream, that transforms to oil when massaged into skin. As you can see form the picture above, it is a solid, that turns cream on fingers, then oil on face. Unlike most balms it does not leave a barrier on the skin surface, but is fast absorbed, leaving an almost matte, yet glowy finish. It's base is raw cocoa butter, so it has a faint smell of chocolate, which I found pleasant, and rather comforting. In addition to MSM it is packed with moisturizing ingredients, and antioxidant rich botanicals, and so has powerful hydration and protective properties. It is also great because it can be used by all skin types, from prematurely aging to stressed out acne prone skin.

Tip: Massage on damp skin, and use as a highlighter on cheekbones, or as nourishing lip balm! Works beautifully as part of a home-spa after a detoxifying clay mask.

Raw Chocolate Face pack: This is a powder product that you mix with warm water or Raw Gaia's floral waters to make a paste. It's main component is raw cocoa powder, so smells and feels like you have chocolate on your face, funny enough. It is also mixed with red clay and turmeric powder, and leaves your skin refreshed and moisturized.

Tip: Do this before showering, so that you can smooth out the mask all over your face and decolletage without worrying about stains. Dry brush your body while you wait, and then rinse off in the shower.

For my rokers: Naturboden.no are kindly offering my readers a 20% discount on all orders when becoming a customer. Use the code ROK20 to collect your discount.lasts until Feb. 25th!

Have any of you tried the Raw Gaia products? Any favorites I should review?

Wishing you all a magical Monday, and week ahead!