Beauty benefits of meditation

I've mentioned my quest to a healthier happier me this year, and the Headspace app with its daily meditations is a huge part of that. The truth is there are a number of health benefits related to meditation, even if you only do it for a couple of minutes a day. They mostly have to do with lowering stress, a silent ager and disease causer. 

  1. Increased blood flow to skin / anti-ageing: Stress constricts blood vessels, especially in the skin, reducing blood flow to this organ. This means less oxygen to the cells, and a build up of toxins, which after a while collectively induces processes that damage collagen, and reduce the restorative processes of the skin. Stress in it self also induces cytokines and other mediators that may accelerate ageing in your skin and body on a whole. Meditation reverses this process, and so may help protect your skin, and reduce ageing. 
  2. Hair growth: Stress also affects the hair follicles negatively through increase of the stress hormone cortisol and restriction of blood flow, and many of you may have noticed thinning of hair after a trauma, stressful exam or life event. Reducing stress through meditation will, after a while (hair follicles are stubborn little things) restore normal hair growth.
  3. Reduces acne breakouts and inflammatory skin conditions: Stress is associated to increased inflammation that not only means accelerated ageing, but also increased acne breakouts, eczema flare ups, and worsening for psoriasis and rosacea. 
  4. Increased wellbeing: When you feel better you look better, it is as simple as that. When you meditate you will feel calmer, and more at ease with your self, and that stuff really does show! 
  5. Help you make healthier choices: What you do in the morning is so important for the tone of the day. And meditating in the morning makes it so much easier to choose that healthy lunch option later on, or that cup of tea rather than the coffee you normally would have. 

Do any of you meditate? Have you noticed any changes? Please share!