Stillness of mind - Headspace app Review

I've been using this app called Headspace for approx. 5 days now as part of my New Year resolution to take better care of myself. Headspace is a meditation app, that makes it super easy to meditate no matter your circumstances or schedule. Everyday theres a new session of a guided meditation that lasts around 10 min. All you need is a chair, headphones and your phone. This could easily be done in any office, airplane or maybe even on your commute to work, although I recommend a quiet environment to begin with. Some days there are even animated videos to make the process so much easier to understand. 

There are a number of health benefits to meditating, including reduction of stress, increased feeling of content and happiness, as well as a boosted immune system. Decreasing stress is also important when it comes to decreasing early ageing, and when you feel good, you also look good, am I right?  

In the short time I've done my meditations I have noticed a greater calmness, I no longer have the need to react to everything around me, and I feel like I'm becoming a better fiancé and person all around. This is definitely something I recommend for everyone, maybe make it your new 2016 thing?