Why I sleep on silk

For years there's been a trend of sleeping on silken pillowcases, I think it started with Gwyneth Paltrow saying she slept on one. I've been rather late with adopting this habit, but during the Stella beauty awards last year one of the products we got to try was a silk pillowcase and eye-mask from Branchè. I always try to sleep on my back, as repetitive creases and wrinkles after sleep eventually become permanent. I can often tell which side of the face my patients sleep on.

There's very little research to be found on the skin and hair effects of sleeping on silk, I guess it's not a prioritized field of research, understandably. What we do know of silk though, is that is a natural fabric made up of 18 amino-acids, which are the building blocks proteins. Silk therefore has another fiber profile than cotton, and may help maintain moisture levels of skin, and also wont make the same folds and creases on your face as cotton cases will.

Personal experience: I definitely notice less creases on my face when sleeping on these silk cases, and my hair seems smoother and shinier when waking up, and less tangled. This is also why I keep sleeping on the Branchè silk pillow cases, just bought myself two new cases from MakeupArt in Sandnes, so now I have a few spares when one is dirty.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday, only 2 days to go before the weekend! Me and fiance are leaving for Basel on Friday, can't wait, plans of all relax no work.