RITUALS Magic Touch cherry blossom and Rice milk body butter - Why this is my least favorite body product ever.

I normally love RITUALS, especially the foaming shower gel they make, and especially everything cherry blossom scented, but this cream is just not working for me.

At first glance it seems great. Lush, thick, and rich. It does smell amazing, but when I apply it on my skin after showering, the cream curdles, it forms a layer which when rubbed in makes small particles that leave you feeling dirty, and in need of a dusting brush to get them off you. Hence my aggravation. I HATE having to go get a towel just so I can rub off this lousy cream that won't sink in and leaves my skin full of "dirt".

Here you can see some of the small little particles the cream leaves behind.

When looking through the ingredient list there are a lot of silicons, that might be responsible for this, there's also a lot of good stuff lacking, I would have liked to see some more oils, or natural butters in there, but only found sunflower seed oil, as well as the rice and cherry blossom extract.

Anyone have any experiences with this cream? I love the rest of the range, and will for sure buy the hand soap and cream set in this scent, but I won't make the mistake of buying this cream again.