Unideep Medical Peel by SkinTech

I've been very busy at the clinic these last two days, and finally have some time to write this little blog post on the Unideep medical peel by SkinTech I performed on Camilla Thursday night. This is a medium to deep medical peel that targets sunspots, pigmentation spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores and loss of elasticity.

Camilla wanted to give this a try, and she's been looking for a one-stop cure to her pigmentation spots, acne scars, and saggy eyelids. This is the mildest out of the 3 medical peels I offer, but potent enough so that you may experience adequate results after just one treatment. The peel is not painful, but does sting and burn a little for approx. 10-12 sec, depending on how long it takes to reach the end point.

During the treatment it is important to maintain a clean working environment, while the peeling is applied. The peel is neutralized during the treatment, and patients are supplied with complimentary SkinTech skincare for the first month following treatment.

The first 3 days after a deep medium to deep peel it is also important that you continue a high level of skin and hand hygiene at home, to prevent possible infections. Peeling of dead skin should start around day 2-3, and last approx. 5-7 days, you may want to stay at home during this period. After day 6 and shedding is complete, you may start using makeup again. It is also very important that you use an SPF of 50 daily and continuously after the treatment, this will help prevent complications related to UV exposure.

Before and after pictures of Camilla will follow when she is done with the shedding process and home-care. For now, you can see before and after pictures here.

If you're interested in hearing more about the peelings we offer, you can book a free consultation online through the BeWell homepage, or call the reception desk 0n 45 00 00 82. But remember, the window for deeper peelings is closing in. Spring and the sun is almost upon us!

Today I'm off duty, and spending the day with my dad eating sushi and watching a Doll's house at the Theater here in Stavanger! It's supposed to be a great production, and I can't wait to see it. There's something very grand and magical about going to the theater I think, brings back lots of beautiful childhood memories for me. What are your Saturday plans?

Wishing you a happy weekend! Lots of love,