Interview in Why you should never sleep with makeup on.

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed on this topic in Most of us know that sleeping with a full face of makeup can be bad for your skin, but how bad and why might not be so clear. The fact is, sleeping with makeup might be one of the worst things for your skin, and may result in acne breakouts, rashes, and early ageing. 

While you sleep your skin is at it's most regenerative, hence is sleep an important aspect of a healthy skincare regiment, note to self, need to do a separate post on that.. When you go to bed with a full face of sunscreen, foundation, dead skin cells, sweat, grime and pollution your pores get clogged and even inflamed causing pimples. Inhibiting proper cell function will also lead to dry skin, lack of luster and accelerated ageing in the long term.

Sleeping with mascara is not a good idea either as this may lead to blepharitis, an infection of the hair-follicle of the eyelid, so take it all off! I like making a ritual out of it, cleanser, maybe a mask, and then night time treatments. If I'm feeling very lazy a cleansing wipe will have to do, but I try to use the cleansing oils and balms which are just as quick and easy.

What are your favorite ways to cleanse your skin? Any favorite products?

As to my plans tonight I was supposed to be at the girls-night event, but unfortunately it has been rescheduled due to illness of the hosts. The new date is set to June first. I am therefore enjoying my last day in Norway with my dad before I head on back to Stockholm and ROKderm work tomorrow, I'll be back at the clinic in 2 weeks time. 

Hope you're having an awesome weekend! Big love,