Interview in DetNye: The best and worst food for your skin.

Last week I was interviewed in DetNye regarding the best and worst foods to eat for your skin. A topic very dear to my heart as you may know. A quick "diet" search here on ROKderm will give you the rest of the articles I've done regarding food and the skin.  If you're a Norwegian reader the full article is found here, for the rest of you I'll do a short summery following.

Despite the beliefs of many an old dermatologist, the skin is highly affected by what you eat. There is lots of research pointing to this, and at the IMCAS congress this year, nutraceuticals, and diet where huge topics of interest and there were at least 4 lectures on exactly this relationship. Research shows that both signs of aging, psoriasis, and acne are conditions affected by the foods you eat, remember my post on acne and chocolate recently? This doesn't mean that diet alone is responsible, or that changes in diet alone will cure all ills, but it just might get you on your way to healthier and beautiful skin.

Best foods:

Fats: Get your good fats, think omega 3, omega 6, and essential fatty acids found in nuts, seeds and and avocados.

Antioxidants: Get your antioxidant flavinoids and vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables. Look for color, and combine! The more and deeper the color the better. Dark leaves, reds and purples, oranges and blues.

Worst foods:

Sugars and simple carbs: I've written a lot about this earlier, when you eat unhealthy (yet delicious) foods such as candy, or cake, Advanced End Glycation products are formed. These bind to proteins and fibers in your skin and directly initiates the degradation of them, as well as triggering other inflammatory processes. Grilled and cooked meats, hard cheeses and processed foods will also make AGE's that litteralt AGE you.

Should you drink coffee? Read more on coffee and the skin here. I tend to recommend abstinence for patients suffering from psoriasis and rosacea, as well as acne as there is research pointing to a link between exacerbation and coffee in some individuals, for the rest of you, drink as much as you want, it protects against skin cancer and all sorts of other diseases.