Hello from Seoul

Waiting for a meeting.

Hello everyone, just popping in with a little update from Seoul! So far I've spent my days meeting with possible manufacturers and laboratories for development of my ROKderm cosmetics, it's been a hugely positive experience (apart from the jetlag, damn you jetlag), and to be honest the meetings have gone much better than I thought. Over the next few weeks I need to crunch some numbers, talk to some people, and make a decision.

We've also had time to enjoy ourselves, and eaten a lot of great food, and I mean A-LOT. Korea is supposedly foodie-nation number one, which suits us very well. So far the Korean barbecue is my favorite dish of the trip. I also love that most of the Korean food is very skin-healthy, and there's matcha latte's on every corner! Total bliss. I can't put up videos here just yet, but follow me on snapchat and instagram for daily updates. Right now f.ex, I'm sitting with a Korean sheet mask on my face, it's all over snapchat.

Today we're going shopping in an area called Dongdaemun, and tonight we're meeting up with and old classmate from medical school. Next week is planned out with touristy sightseeing tours, palace and Korean spa visits, as well as a kimchi-making course! Hope you're all having a great weekend!