Top 5 tips to help skin recover after Easter

So I don't know about you, but I feel like it's been one huge sugar-fest since Christmas, and this Easter/ birthday weekend really hit an all-time high for me. As you may or may not know, I'm a big believer in eating for your skin, which I do on a regular basis, but I also believe in balance, and not denying myself anything, especially when it's related to celebration or cultural experience. When it comes to foods to avoid and include more of in regards to your skin, there are a number of articles here on ROKderm. A quick "diet" search in the archive should give you a few options to scroll through if you're interested, but the take home message is as follows: Avoid sugars, simple carbs (that become sugars), highly processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and large quantities of meat.

I, like many of you I think, have had a large share of chocolate Easter eggs, alcohol and other delicious and dangerous foods this passed weekend. Some of you might be experiencing some extra breakouts because of it, and maybe a somewhat dry and lifeless complexion. Because I know what you're dealing with, I have decided to put together my 5 best rescue techniques post-partying. These can be applied to any holiday, season, or celebration where large amounts of less skin conscious foods have been ingested. Enjoy!

1. Drink your tea.

I've mentioned this several times before, but drinking green tea, and other teas for that matter is one of the best and easiest ways to combat the effects of sugar and junk on your skin. Superstar and multitasker- green tea has been proven to significantly interfere with the glycation process while stimulating collagen synthesis—so if you're using a product containing green tea (or drinking it regularly), you're already protecting your skin, and may help it recover from the shenanigans of Easter. Green tea drinkers tend to have moister skin, and more elastic skin, giving off a healthy glow. Get drinking, and read my post on how to brew it for most effects, here.

2. Use a Retinol night product

I love Retinol. It is a superstar anti-ager. This miracle ingredient binds receptors within Fibroblasts (collagen producing skin cells) stimulating collagen formation. In the same way that drinking green tea can help combat damage to collagen, this will do the same, but in topical form and faster. Everyone over 25 and not pregnant, should be using this regularly.  

3. get your aox (antioxidants)

Antioxidants found in vegetables, fruits, berries and spices are great little soldiers that ward of free radical damage to skin cells, DNA and protein structures within the skin, such as collagen. Now that the last chocolate egg has been devoured, make sure to get a lot of greens and colored foods in your diet again (not artificially colored mind you). I love kale, spinach, tomatoes, purple salad leaves, ginger, turmeric and blueberries for an instant AOX boost. Try making a juice or smoothie once a day, that way you've at least got one healthy dose AOX in your system.

4. work out

Working out can help decrease accumulation of AGE's in tissues, and has a number of healthy benefits for skin. It increases circulation for one which delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells and help them function better, while also making you sweat, all which gives you a nice glow that lasts. Try some cardio now after the holidays, I like the cross-trainer or a spinning class. Read more on what exercise can do for your skin here.

5. detox your face (and body)

When I say detox, I mean, treat your skin better. Give it what it wants, what it needs. Following these steps will be part of that, but you could also try to include a more rigorous skincare routine as well. I like detoxifying clay masks for breakouts and lack of luster, The SkinCeuticals clarifying clay mask and the Caudalie Instant Detox masks are both great. Exfoliating treatments help slough of dead and dry skin, while your moisture option should be nurturing. A nice face oil might hug the right spot right about now, and the Aveda almond oil is an old favorite of mine, but I'm also really into the new Clinique Smart Treatment oil which is full of antioxidants. I used this on the plane to Seoul, and I've never had better post-airplane skin, it was actually moist and glowy! When it comes to detoxifying your system, I like sauna sessions post workout, lots of lemon water, and a good healthy diet consisting of above mentioned food groups.

I just landed in Stavanger and I have a day of paper work and preparations for the girls night event at BeWell this Saturday, before 2 full patient days Thursday and Friday. I'm looking forward to the busyness of it all! I am also looking forward to some quality time with my dad, and some late Easter celebration - although I'll be sure to stay away from the chocolate eggs.

Best of luck recovering! :)