Beauty Benefits of Probiotics

My favorite probiotic food - Kimchi.

At the IMCAS conference this year, probiotics and it's effects on skin was a whole lecture on its own. I knew it was good for our immune system, but never knew HOW important, and the extent of its effects on skin was all news to me. When I came home form Paris I went straight to the health food store and got myself a large box of a fluid probiotic formula that has a tap! I've been drinking it regularly for a while now, and I think it has helped my skin and body keep healthy throughout a couple of stressful renovation weeks at our flat. It does however taste like crap in lack of a better word, so think I'll be buying something else next time. Any recommendations for me?

There's a lot of research on probiotics on pubmed, and it took me a while to rummage through the most relevant articles. I found that probiotics has a HUGE number of great effects on skin-health and overall beauty. I've made a little summary chart below.

It seems probiotcs will not only keep your gut and body healthy by lowering systemic inflammation, but through still unknown processes it will also protect skin against UV induced ageing, reduce wrinkles in old mice, and make them more fertile, while also giving skin a youthful glow and could be a treatment option for skin diseases such as Rosacea.

I'll follow this post with a post on the best food sources of probiotics, as well as the trend of probiotic-skincare.  Again, I welcome all tips on probiotic supplements!

Today I'm trying out the impactHub Stockholm in search of colleagues, contacts, and startup events and courses. So far so good! Tonight I have patients at the clinic, and then it's Weekend! On Saturday we're doing a city tour of the old town, think that will be great.

Hope you're having a great Friday, only a few more hours to go!

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