SkinCeuticals Peel course

A couple of weeks ago we had a demo of the SkinCeuticals Glycolic acid peel at the clinic, this treatment will be offered by the in house skin therapist. The peel is a light to medium strength peel (we used 30% glycolic acid), and our lovely clinic manager Helena sat as the demo participant. Helena has beautiful skin, but a few melasma spots on her forehead, cheeks, and upper lip that she's wanted to treat for a while. This peel, followed by a complete skincare regiment for pigmented skin from SkinCeuticals will definitely improve the appearance of these spots. Melasma as you may or may not know is a largely hormonally dependent skin-condition that is very tricky to treat (note to self, I need to do a separate post on that later). I wrote a little about it in my pregnancy skincare post.

Emmi from SkinCeuticals started off with cleansing the skin with SkinCeuticals gentle cleanser and the Clarisonic cleansing brush, and placed protective gauze pads on Helena's eyes.

The peel was placed on her skin for a couple of minutes, and you can see a faint flush on her face in the picture below. The peel it self does not hurt, but might sting a little.

Helena's face was then covered with gauze pads soaked in neutralizing fluid making her look a little like a mummy. As these were placed on the skin there was a sizzling sound and you could see air bubbles forming underneath the pads.

To end the treatment Helena got a pampering Vitamin C mask that gives moisture and a beautiful glow to the skin. The skin was then treated with Phytocorrective gel to calm redness and CE Ferulic serum to protect the skin, together with Mineral Radiance SPF 50.

This peel is also called the "red carpet treatment", as the glow you get from this is a lovely addition before an event where you need to sparkle a little brighter.

Beautiful Helena sent me this picture an hour after her treatment, and already her skin was looking much better. We have made packages for skin concerns that we sell at the clinic, and Helena has followed her peel with the pigment targeting regiment. Two weeks have now passed and she is already exhibiting a much evener skin tone.

Contact Dr.K clinics if you're interested in trying this out after the summer!