Beauty sleep, is it real?

Hello everyone, I'm back with a little post on something very dear to my heart, namely sleep. I'm a big sleeper, and I've always been good at prioritizing my sleep, because unlike some of my friends, I just don't work properly without a good 7-8h a night. I've tried pulling all nighters in medical school, and I've had to do a lot of night shifts in my hospital and GP carrier, but then I would always need at least 3 days after to feel human again. 

I think we've all noticed our faces and skin becoming a little out of sorts when we go without adequate sleep, and we've heard our grandmothers go on about beauty-sleep, but does it really exist? The short answer to this is yes, and here's why:


While you sleep cell-regeneration is at its maximum, and cells are working their hardest to reverse the environmental free radical damage that took place during the day.


Sleep also reduces Cortisol, your stress hormone, related to everything from acne, psoriasis flare ups, to thinning ageing skin. Lowering stress is a great way to help your face and body look and feel its best. I mentioned this a little bit in my post on the beauty benefits of meditation.


Melatonin, also know as the sleep-hormone acts as an antioxidant, and boosts cell reperative function and can help guard against signs of ageing such as pigment spots, wrinkles, and skin-cancer.

growth hormones

Adequate sleep also help certain growth hormones work better to up-regulate collagen formation in skin. This will help your face keep tight and perky for longer.


It's also important to remember that when and how you sleep matters a lot in all of this. Cell turnover and function is the best during your deep REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep phase. To maintain enough REM hours, get to bed early around 9-10pm, and consider taking a melatonin supplement if you have trouble falling asleep, or have a very busy schedule.

So there you have it, getting your beauty sleep really does make a difference in the long-term! If you work shifts, like I used to, try to compensate by staying hydrated, and using good antioxidant and moisture-rich products during the night. A little spritz of a facial mist, and a good facial oil is a great option as these can be reapplied when needed. I like Jane Iredale Smell the Roses Hydration Spray, followed by Clinique Smart Treatment oil.