A little green tea post

For my 30th birthday last month I was surprised with a party in the clinic, and a weekend getaway to Häringe Slott, which is an old castle turned hotel and restaurant 20min outside Stockholm. If you follow me on Instagram, it would be hard to miss my numerous posts of my birthday week. Unfortunately I didn't get to take great photos with my camera during this time, partly due to being surprised, and partly due to being slightly tipsy and giddy for the majority of the week.

While at the castle we were urged to get the house green tea by Hadde's sister, who loves it. So we took her advice and bought a batch. As you know I'm a sucker for the green grassy liquid which I swear helps me keep both body and skin in great shape. There's a few posts on tea and diet on the blog if you're interested to read a bit more about it, but the short version is: Tea, and especially green tea contains antioxidants that keep skin moist, protects collagen and ECM (extracellular matrix) proteins from UV induced damage, and may also up-regulate collagen formation, keeping your face young and fit. So I drink it as often as I can, and thankfully I love it.

This particular green tea is a Sencha tea, which is a Japanese form of green tea. The Sencha tea leaves have been steamed to prevent oxidation as part of the production process, and so will have a light and grassy flavor, and contains loads of good, green-tea antioxidants.

Although green, this tea has been flavored with vanilla, papaya, rose, cornflowers, and sunflowers. It has a very light floral and almost sweet flavor, without containing sugar, and goes perfectly with a dessert or afternoon tea-treat. 

As always i brew my tea with my thermometer not to damage the antioxidant profile of the tea, read more on how I brew my tea here.

This has become a favorite tea of mine as it gives that extra indulgent sweet flavor, and I love curling up to my favorite show with a cup of this in my hands.

What is your favorite tea drink at the moment?

Hope you're all having a great week! Not long til its TGIF again :)